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About Me
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

feels so disconnected

I trusted you,
I told you everything,
I told you thing's I've never told anyone
I really thought you were different,
but you're not,
you're the same as them

trying to forget what's already happened,
but it just keeps on coming back time and time again...
it hurts to think/picture about it/them.
Wishes my mind had a delete button!!

Thank you for the fake love and encouragement.
It was SO appreciated.

the hardest thing about this whole situation
is the fact that you like me back,
but you LOVE her.
So allow it.
I'm not giving up,
I'm just moving on.

theres always gona be that 1 person,
no matter wat they do,
wat they say
or how many times they may hurt you,
you just cant let them go
cuz they mean so much 2u

i just want to go back to the past
so i can smile and laugh like the old times
i want to talk to you so bad,
but then i feel like I'm annoying you
i don't know when i will talk to you again
I miss the talks we used to have
I miss our long talks about pointless stuff.
I miss everything about you.
Relationship aside..
I miss my friend that i could tell anything to..

Happy Birthday